About Us

At Full of Wonder, children are encouraged to be creative and inquisitive. We help them to develop problem solving skills, set personal boundaries, discover their own uniqueness and learn about healthy relationships with others. We do this by helping them to identify their feelings and to verbalize what they need from others. Activities are planned to enhance social and academic skills.


Our home-based environment has three areas that are equipped with diverse learning materials and designed to spark a child's imagination.


Low ratios (1:6) provide individualized nurturing care for each child, (twelve children and two teachers).


Our outside play area has creatively been designed to provide fun physical activities and opportunities to explore their environment.


April Fender is the founder and director of Full of Wonder; opened in 1984. April directs the program along with being the lead teacher.  Her prior experience included four years of working with children in special education and two years as an assist preschool teacher.  April has her Associate of Science Degree in Education along with her Early Childhood Education Certificate.  She is committed to increasing her knowledge in best practices for working with young children; she attends many training opportunities and remains up-to-date with her CPR and First Aid certifications. April belongs to several organizations that promote professionalism and quality in Early Childhood Education. She is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and parents by opening her home to hundreds of families throughout the years.

About the Staff

Margie has worked at Full of Wonder since August 1994. Prior to that, she worked in a preschool/family child care for 5 years and in a co-op preschool center for 6 years. Margie enjoys getting to know all of the children and their families.  She is bilingual in Spanish and English, and attends various workshops and training sessions to increase her knowledge in working with young children.  Margie is amazed how much engaging with children has enhanced her life.  Now, more than 20 years later, she can't imagine doing anything else!

Full of Wonder also employs a part time afternoon assistant. Staff are hired for their abilities to guide and nurture young children. Each person working at the program is mentored by April and Margie to honor each child as an important individual.